Lanzhou herriott investment (holding) group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as herriott group) in June 2010 of investment in production, sales, wire-cutting electronic special equipment of high-tech enterprises. Company production base is located in suzhou high-tech zone science and technology city, covers an area of about 140 mu, a total investment of nearly 1 billion yuan. Company production line equipment is mainly used in the industries of solar silicon slice processing, is a new energy industry in suzhou high-tech zone as the key introduction, training, support the high growth of enterprises. The company has independent workshop 60000 square meters, has the first-class wire saw assembly production lines and complete production design studio, testing laboratory, clean assembly room. Cutting equipment company has r&d center, electronic materials division, cutting equipment management company, cutting equipment manufacturing and sales company, is the domestic earlier began to develop more thread cutting equipment, more than is currently the only domestic production line equipment manufacturing enterprises. Company independent research and development production series of many linear cutting equipment, has a number of national and provincial patent technology. More mass production line series of products, not only meet the industry requirements for equipment of high performance, high efficiency, high reliability, enhance the enterprise core competitive ability, more important significance lies in the domestic photovoltaic industry (monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon), electronic material such as glass, crystal, sapphire processing manufacturers can get local support and service of equipment manufacturers, optimizing production processes, reduce product costs, to further promote the vigorous development of the industry. Company will carry forward the "fantasy, innovation, speeding" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the "leading, create the limit" of business enterprise principle of management, the introduction of talent, make full use of the socialization of production resources, the development and production is given priority to with innovative technology in the electronic materials processing and special equipment, set up the global marketing network, integration of industry chain, is provided by a single product to provide system solution for transformation to achieve the worlds leading business scale. Sincere welcome man of insight to join in suzhou herriott, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow! The development of modern science and technology innovation, form a complete patent technology products. The product range includes: flow, pressure, liquid level, water quality analysis instruments, underwater cleaning robot, etc.


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